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nLiven PR is a human platelet lysate (HPL) using a unique pathogen-reduction process that is GMP compliant. It is designed to meet your needs for the evolving global regulations and challenging development milestones. nLiven PR is your tool to develop therapeutics by providing:

  • Safety: validated pathogen reduction in an ISO 9001 certified facility and tested for sterility, mycoplasma, and endotoxin
  • Reproducibility: minimized lot-to-lot variability by pooling over 100 human U.S. donors from AABB accredited/FDA registered blood centers
  • Reliability: established manufacturer, dependable supply to meet your large-scale commercialization needs, and stable pricing
  • Compliance: produced under consideration of European Pharmacopoeia General Chapter
NEW pathogen-reduced human platelet lysate
No heparin added during production
or required for use
Available in 100mL and 500mL bottles
for easy handling
Ample supply to meet your large-scale commercialization needs
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Visit our Resources page to read more about using human platelet lysate.

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wdt_ID Product Part Number
1 nLiven PR 100mL PL-PR-100
2 nLiven PR 500mL PL-PR-500

nLiven PR shown on this website is not approved or available in all regulatory jurisdictions. Please consult with your local Cook Regentec representative or Customer Service for details.

NOTE: No heparin added during production or required for use