Blood Filtration System

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3 Steps to Autologous Cell Therapy Preparation

The HemaTrate Blood Filtration System is a tool for preparing autologous filtered platelet concentrate (fPC) or total nucleated cell (TNC) concentrate. Load, filter, and recover in minutes. Whether in the clinical laboratory or intraoperatively at the point-of-care, this tool for cell therapy preparation from Cook Regentec provides:

  • Point-of-care cell therapy preparation in minutes
  • Two options for cell therapy concentrates in a single-use device
  • Gravity filtration for separating specific cell populations
  • Freedom from fixed capital equipment
  • Three steps for use: load blood, filter blood, recover the preparation

3 steps to autologous cell therapy preparation
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Take the next step and try HemaTrate. To learn more, review the HemaTrate FAQs below, ask your local Cook Regentec representative for additional information, or contact our Customer Service.

HemaTrate FAQs
What is HemaTrate?

HemaTrate provides a method to prepare autologous cell therapy at the point of care.

HemaTrate is a single-use blood filtration system that prepares an autologous cell therapy concentrate in three steps:

How does HemaTrate work?

As anticoagulated whole blood flows through the patented filter, platelets and nucleated cells (white cells) are retained.

What are the possible cell therapies that HemaTrate can prepare?

fPC: filtered platelet concentrate
TNC: total nucleated cell concentrate

How can HemaTrate prepare two different cell therapy concentrates – fPC or TNC?

For the preparation of fPC, a small amount of sterile water is added to the collection bag prior to the LOAD step, allowing for the additional capture of platelets by the filter.

For the preparation of TNC, no addition of sterile water is required.

The HemaTrate device is single-use. You cannot prepare both concentrates using a single device.

What additional solutions and/or materials are needed?

Syringes are needed to LOAD the blood, and RECOVER the cell therapy concentrate.

For preparation of fPC:

  • Anticoagulant ACD-A
  • Sterile water
  • 2% saline

For preparation of TNC:

  • Anticoagulant ACD-A
  • Either 0.9% saline or a Dextran solution
What is the regulatory status of HemaTrate?

HemaTrate is currently CE marked for the preparation of fPC and TNC for human cell therapy applications. It is not approved or available in all regulatory jurisdictions, including the United States.

How many times can HemaTrate be used?

This is a single-use, disposable device.

What are the clinical applications of the therapies prepared by HemaTrate?

The clinical application of the fPC and/or TNC is determined by the physician.

Is a centrifuge required?

No centrifuge or additional capital equipment is required.

Are there any publications supporting the use of HemaTrate?

Yes. Please contact Cook Regentec Customer Service for assistance.

Can HemaTrate be used with bone marrow or cord blood?

HemaTrate is approved for the filtration of autologous whole blood. HemaTrate is not approved for the filtration of bone marrow or cord blood.

Is training available?

Cook Regentec will provide the necessary training to ensure successful preparation of the cell therapies.

How do I order HemaTrate?

Please contact Cook Regentec Customer service.


The HemaTrate Blood Filtration System shown on this website is not approved or available in all regulatory jurisdictions, including the United States. Please consult with your local Cook Regentec representative or Customer Service for details.