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Radio Frequency Tube Sealing System

Hand seal CellSeal vials and sample segments with controlled heat. Suitable for smaller sample batches.

  • Use conveniently under a protective hood
  • Create consistent seals in three seconds
  • Create a closed system

Product Quality

  • The manufacturer is ISO 13485 certified
  • The CellSeal sealing system is compliant with the Directives for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Low Voltage (LVD) under the Standard EN 61010-01.
RF Tube Sealing System
Hand seal with controlled heat.
Snap-on markers
Color code your vials
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Snap-on Vial Markers

Color code your vials

Differentiate your vials at a glance with colored snap‐on vial markers.

RF Tube Sealing System
wdt_ID Manual Sealing Configuration RPN Order Number
1 RF Sealing System, 120V CSS-066 G44416
2 RF Sealing System, 230V EU CSS-067 G44417
3 RF Sealing System, 230V, Asia CSS-068 G44418
4 RF Sealing System, 230V, AU CSS-069 G44419
Snap-on Vial Markers
wdt_ID Color Quantity Per Package RPN Order Number
1 Green 100 CSS-060 G44409
2 Blue 100 CSS-061 G44410
3 Red 100 CSS-062 G44411
4 Orange 100 CSS-063 G44412
5 Yellow 100 CSS-064 G44413
6 Purple 100 CSS-065 G44414

Unless otherwise noted, CellSeal products are intended for laboratory research, bioprocessing, or manufacturing use only. Any use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccine(s) may require advance regulatory review or approval. Determining the need for and seeking regulatory approval is the sole responsibility of the CellSeal product user. Cook Regentec will provide support in the form of testing data or Master File cross reference authorization as available and upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sextonbio.com.